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The Ewing brick wall project

This site is the result of The Ewing Family Association's current  Chancellor and board Chairman, Beth Ewing Toscos's vision to provide a framework to aid Ewing genealogist to break down their a brick wall.

The project has 3 main elements:

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Most Distant Known Ewing Ancestor Project


There are about 300 MDKEAs in our current data base. A MKDEA is the most distant identified Ewing ancestor that someone has identified in their lineage (claimed) or is a Ewing with no known parents and has known progeny but has not yet been claimed by any researcher (unclaimed).

If after reviewing the listing you can not find your MDKEA, please click the , "Add New Most Distant Known Ewing Ancestor link" at the top of the listing or here to add your most distant known Ewing ancestor

You may sort by any of the fields by clicking the field name and can review the detailed data of the ancestor by clicking on their "Given Name"

Click here for the MDKEA and Terminal Ewing Listing