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The Ewing brick wall project

This site is the result of The Ewing Family Association's current  Chancellor and board Chairman, Beth Ewing Toscos's vision to provide a framework to aid Ewing genealogist to break down their a brick wall.

The project has 3 main elements:

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The Ewing Brick Wall Project

Registration Instructions

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      First Name
      Surname (Maiden-Married)
      eMail Address
      Deceased Ancestors--Relationship, name, Birth, Death, Spouse
       ---a minium of one Ewing Ancestor is required
       ---use Unk if something is not known

After review of your registration; an email will be sent with log in information. Currently this is a manual process and may take a couple of days, be patient while we automate this registration and log in process.

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And after registering then go to the MDKEA Listing and find your MDKEA and edit the "submitter" (by clicking on MDKEA name) and add your name as "submitter" a field at the bottom of the edit form.

And if you can not find your MDKEA then click the "Add New Most Distant Known Ewing Ancestor" link at the top of the listing