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The Ewing brick wall project

This site is the result of The Ewing Family Association's current  Chancellor and board Chairman, Beth Ewing Toscos's vision to provide a framework to aid Ewing genealogist to break down their a brick wall.

The project has 3 main elements:

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Autosomal DNA Overview

Humans have 23 pair of chromosomes, we recieved one of the pair from each of our parents.  Chromosomes 1-22 are called "autosomal" meaning they are not one of the "sex" chromosomes (X and Y).


atDNA chromosomes are "recombinant" meaning that during the generation of sperm and eggs the chromosomes from each of the parents mix and match to create a combination of DNA that has never existed before, thus making each of us unique.


GedMatch.com is a third party free research site that allows users to upload their atDNA test results from Ancestry.com, 23&Me, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, or other labs.  This allows for significantly increasing the matching possiblities.


GedMatch also has a feature called  "Ancestor Projects"  which allows for a group that have common research interest , such as, geographic areas, same ancestor, or surnameto collaborate.


We have created a Ewing Ancestor Project at GedMatch which is free and currently we have over 200 kits (users) who have a Ewing in their lineage.  There are tools to examine/triangulate your results with those of the our project. 


After you have obtained test results from any of the labs (Ancestry, 23&Me, etc) all you do is

1.  create an account at GedMatch.com (free)

2. Down load your results from Ancestry.com or the lab that provided you the test (free)

3. Up load those results to GedMatch.com (free)

4.  Join the Ewing Ancestor Project at GedMatch.com (free)

5.  Compare your results to the other members and find matches (free)

6.  Communicate with matches and determine your common ancestor(s)